Hello mister, pleased to meet ya.
Post birthday bath. Anybody want to join? 

Post birthday bath. Anybody want to join? 

Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me.

You little (fruit) tart.

You little (fruit) tart.


I have baked a cake

I have driven more than 10 minutes without a permit or license

I have gone out in public naked

I have laughed until I cried

I have been in a car accident

I have kissed someone I just met

I have ridden in a taxi

I have played the sims

I have played GTA

I have gotten lost in a mall

I have thought about killing myself

I have sworn at my parents in anger

I have broke something in anger

I have cheated on someone

I have had sex under the age of 16

I have graduated high school

I have smoked cigarettes

I have seen a shooting star

I have bitten someone

I have let go of someone and regretted it

I have kicked a guy in the balls

I have gotten stitches

I played on a playground over the age of 12

I have smoked weed

I have been late to school

I have missed more then 20 days in a school year

I have used myspace for more than 3 years

I have done ecstasy

I have done coke

I have done meth

I have been to church in the last five years

I have bought something at Hollister

I have bought something from Hot Topic

I have wanted a bmw

I have given a blowjob

I have smiled at a stranger

I have hated a friend’s parents

I have cried over the opposite sex more than a week straight

I have gained weight in the past month

I have lost weight in the past month

I have played basketball on a team

I have played field hockey on a team

I have played soccer on a team

I have played softball on a team

I have had sex with one of my teachers 

I have cursed someone out

I have punched someone in the face

I have had space brownies

I have had no life

I have been sick of myself

I have had an abortion

I have been in love

I have been in lust

I have missed someone from my past

I have kissed a cat or dog

I have been in a club

I have been to a rave

I have beaten myself up

I have been rejected

I have cried in school

I have seen a meteor shower

I have been drunk

I have had alcohol before the age of 14

I have played spin the bottle

I have glued myself to something

I have had a serious surgery

I have had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back

I have been stalked

I have been extremely embarrassed

I have had sex in a car

I have had sex behind a building

I have snuck out of my house

I have shoplifted

I have been suspended

I have gotten detention

I have taken painkillers

I have wanted to be a teacher at some point 

I have wanted to be a fireman

I have been called a slut

I have sat on the computer all day

I have dyed my hair

I have been mistaken for someone else

I have babysat someone else’s kids

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Peek a boo.

Peek a boo.



I cut it off.

I cut it off.


Making a baking blog - Any suggestions on what to name it? 


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B-E Aggressive


One of my girlfriends and I extensively talk about our bedrooms antics. One topic that continually comes up: Guys, please stop being so gentle. Throw us around a little more. Don’t be afraid to shove us up against a wall, pin us down. Show us raw passion and desire. I feel incredibly sexy when a man is hungry and yearning to pleasure me. 

Stop being timid and shy while we’re getting it on. If I tell you that you can have your way with me, then have your way with me. Toss me around like a dog toy. Pull. Squeeze. Tug. Bite. Choke. (The last might require some communication.)

Sex only gets better when you discuss likes, dislikes, turn-ons, and turn-offs. Like any craft and art, improvements come with practice. 

It’s all about the confidence, and if you don’t have it, fake it until you make it. 

Guys, one more thing. Sometimes we want a beard burn. 


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